Friday, 13 April 2012

Tim Tam Birthday Cake


I came across this  fabulous cake on one of the many blogs I follow and couldn't resist. Raspberricupcakes has some pretty amazing idea's from cakes made to resemble Tim Tams or Twix bars to a cheesecake made with M & M's and pretzel's. I made this for my brother in laws birthday during the week as Tim Tams are one of his favourite biscuits and I thought this was the perfect excuse to make it.
Rasperricupcake uses two layer's of chocolate sponge but I preferred to use a simple chocolate cake recipe. Then a layer of chocolate icing was whipped up and slathered on, followed by your choice of crushed up Tim Tams (I went with caramel).

This was sandwiched together with another layer of chocolate cake and evenly trimmed.

I placed the cake on a cake board lined with baking paper strips and drizzled over the semi-set milk chocolate ganache. Then I used a palate knife to create the chocolate rippled effect.

A cookie cutter was used to cut a 'bite' out of the cake to reveal the lovely layers and then the baking paper was removed leaving a clean cake board.

Overall the Tim Tam cake was a winner at our house, it tasted delicious and was fairly easy to make. I would recommend adding more milk to the filling to make it lighter as mine was on the firmer side rather then soft and creamy like the biscuit. For Raspberricupcakes Tim Tam cake recipe and many more fun yummy treats go here.

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